Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 17. Today we’re going to chat with Dave Merrill from Recoil Magazine, make a prank call to Hi-Point, and talk about more gift ideas for the holidays.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin, Lacey Lane, and I’m Ava Flanell.

Huntac Gear – http://www.huntacgear.com/

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Deconstructing the Industry – Recoil Magazine

Prank call – Hi-Point Bullying

Gear Chat – Gift Ideas continued…

Itunes Reviews –

5 Stars   by ryhess90

Very Entertaining

Love this show very informative gun information, but on a lighter side. Ava and Shawn are hilarious! You will not be disappointed by this show!

5 Stars by TheF1sh

A play on words

Fun show, and the name is great. It’s a play on “un funny” but with a “g” because they talk about guns, and they try really hard to be funny. The prank calls are great until the host and her whipping boy fall into their squeaky yiddish/jewish accents. It gets a bit weird, like when you hear a British actor do an American accent and you don’t know they’re British, but then hear then in an interview with their normal accent, and then everything they say in their American accent sounds really grating. Otherwise, it’s a great show to listen too when the holidays roll around and all the good podcasts you listen to go on hiatus, or play reruns. Keep up the good work.

Ryhess90 wins a t-shirt!

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