Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 135. Today I’m going to chat with John Hwang from Rainier Arms, talk about a security guard who was arrested, and discuss the next hottest trend in the gun industry. 


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AF Segment – 

Security guard arrested for legally carrying licensed gun 

  • Roosevelt Twyne, a 25 year old African American security guard from New Jersey was arrested and charged with illegally transporting a firearm
  • On his way home from his shift as a security guard 
  • Pulled over for tinted windows, he volunteered that he had his weapon and showed his permit 
  • They promptly arrested him 
  • One of only 800 people in New Jersey who has a concealed carry permit 
  • Hornady Critical Defense ammo is legal according to the new jersey police in spite of them charging him for having illegal hollow point ammunition 
  • On suspension and unable to work pending trial 
  • Shows just how convoluted the gun laws are in New Jersey 
  • Any person, other than a law enforcement officer or persons engaged in activities pursuant to subsection f. of N.J.S.2C:39-6, who knowingly has in his possession any hollow nose or dum-dum bullet…  is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree
  • New Jersey is the only state that prohibits hollow-point self-defense ammunition


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Q&A with Ava – What songs hit you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?


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Tacti-Talk – What is the next hottest trend? First it was ARs, then Glocks. Now what?


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Itunes Reviews

Amish Impersonator – 5 Stars – Good way to start a Monday – I start off my Mondays at work listening to Ava’s show. I really like the fact that I hear about a lot of products that I haven’t heard of before. I think Ava does a great job of finding new topics to cover each week. Keep up the good work.


Xanadublue – 5 Stars – Best gun related podcast. – Love this Ava. You keep bringing it with some of the best people in the industry, always current with the latest trends and just totally BADAZZ. Enjoying every show and always waiting for the new podcast to air. Hope to meet you at the NRA show in Nashville (if you’re going). Beers and shots on me at tootsies.


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