When There’s No Ammo On The Shelves

Written By Ava Flanell Check out my latest article written for the February issue of Shooting Industry Magazine. This time I went into some of the things gun stores and users alike can do to survive when there is no ammo to be found on the shelves.

The Smith And Wesson EZ: An Ava Flanell Triptych – GunMag Warehouse October, 2020

Written By David Reeder Check out this feature from GunMag Warehouse on my reviews of the Smith and Wesson EZ line of handguns and why they are such a game changer for many that have trouble with stronger springs in many modern semi-auto handguns. There are of course techniques everyone can learn to use handguns […]

The “Light Bulb” Moment – Shooting Industry Magazine October, 2020

Converting Anti-Gunners To New Enthusiasts Written By Ava Flanell I recently started writing for Shooting Industry Magazine. My first article is on a new demographic of gun owners, individuals that were previously against guns and have had the “light bulb” moment with the events of 2020. Check out the October issue of Shooting Industry Magazine […]

Training In An Age Of Social Distancing – Shooting Industry Magazine, July 2020

Check out the July issue of Shooting Industry Magazine where I discuss virtual training during lockdowns and other options for firearms training in an age of social distancing with Elite Firearms & Training.

What’s In Your Range Bag – Shooting Sports USA, July 2020

Check out the July issue of Shooting Sports USA where I answer the question What’s in your Range Bag, Ava Flanell? I talk about how a got started shooting and became an instructor as well as what gear I take to the range and discuss some advice for new shooters.