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Things to talk about:

Discuss how this will negatively affect gun owners who have purchased their property in good faith with the ATF saying all along that it is legal and now are trying to criminalize or tax them.

Talk about how it negatively impacts you. How it will financially affect you and others. 

Talk about how it restricts the firearms disabled veterans can use braces with based on arbitrary sizes and weights. 

Discuss how the rules are completely arbitrary and subject to interpretation making it impossible to be sure your property meets the rules. 

Talk about how the rules contradict themselves in many ways including points assigned for sights as well as no sights. A gun can be heavy enough to have a brace, but not long enough. Almost everyone will score the same gun differently and it’s a felony if you screw up.

Mention that ATF reserves the right to declare any braced gun that miraculously meets their criteria an illegal SBR anyway because they think it was “meant to circumvent the NFA”. 

Talk about the well over a billion dollars of taxpayer money that they will be extorting from people who have followed the law by this rule change. 

Talk about how Braces are in common use, congressional research services estimated 10-40 million of them are in use. 

Talk about how this only targets lawful gun owners and will do nothing to reduce crime.