Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 47. Today we’re going to chat with Greg from Hackett Equipment, we’ll find out if you can return used ammo, and we’ll chat about buffer tubes.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the IndustryHackett Equipment

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Prank call – Returning used ammo

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Listener sent a pic of his PF940V2

Gear Chat – Buffer tubes

Itunes Reviews

Ohflier – 5 Stars – New York City Blues – Ava, I picked up your Gun Funny podcast when you moved on from WLS. The jury was out for a while and for a while, I thought of your production as my pod candy, presenting the lighter side of shooting sports. Then, you interviewed John Napolitano and presented his incredible experience with the New York Gun Commission and their unjust laws. You would not believe that could happen in America. By far, your best episode ever, and at so appropriate a time when our Second Amendment rights are being challenged at the federal, state, and local community levels. With your unique format and team of co-hosts, (that is except Shawn, cut your losses with that one) the show is finding its niche audience and building momentum. Keep producing strong content like this and you’ll have a run away hit. All the best Friends in Ohio

Salpute21 – 5 Stars – Entertaining Show – Entertaining show with interesting guests. I enjoy hearing more about the industry while making the day go by faster at work. Keep it up!

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