Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 55. Today we’re going to chat with Adam Balzer from Charger Arms, make a prank call about marital theft, and talk about the tools you need to assemble an AR.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the IndustryCharger Arms

Hackett Equipment – (15mins in) https://hackettequipment.com/

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Matador Arms – http://matadorarms.com/

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Prank call – Gertrude has a klepto hubby

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Tacti-Talk – Tools you need to assemble an AR

Itunes Reviews

Icewolf77 – 5 Stars – No free stuff please – The phone calls are weak, either do it or don’t. Look up old Howard Stern terrestrial radio episodes for guidance. Cool show over all, thank you for your effort. I liked hearing about Ava sneaking the dog in as a baby hah!, I thought my wife and I were the only one’s that did that.

Mr.Rodin – 5 Stars – Hilarious and Insightful – Favorite new podcast. The hosts bring in a new guest every week and discuss a wide range of firearm related topics. Been done before? Nope! Not like this it hasn’t. The show is kept light hearted and funny throughout with the banter and hilarious hijinks between the co hosts. Both Ava and Shawn are certified Firearm Instructors and have have countless hours of training and experience. Unlike any other firearm related podcast, I love this one because it brings a female perspective into a culture mostly dominated by men. But no Gun Bunnies here. No mam! Come for the info. Stay for the prank calls.

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