Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 59. Today we’re going to chat with Rapidfire Rachel, make a prank call about Malcolm’s Halloween costume, and talk about the Ciener 22 conversion kit.

Today’s panel is Chewbacca and I’m princess Leiah.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry

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Prank call – Malcolm wants to dress up for halloween

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Completed our PF940C’s

Gear Chat – Jonathan Ciener 22lr conversion kits

Itunes Reviews

Jeff Konsler – Recommended – Gun funny, is the best podcast to listen to when WLS, trigger words, handgun radio, double tap or civilian carry radio hasn’t posted yet. Sorry Ava flav, you and tickles need to step it up! JK! The one recommendation would be to involve the guests on the show in the prank calls. Save Shawn the embarrassment. He gets enough of that just being part of the WLS crew. P.S. if you need a guest on the show, I’m in! 5 stars
Alexander Garcia – Recommended – HILARIOUS! I love this podcast.. the best one I’ve heard out there

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