Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 61. Today we’re going to chat with Skylar Stewart and Andy Martinez from Cobalt Kinetics, Balthazar wants the perfect Halloween costume, and we’ll talk about IV8888.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

Manticore Armshttps://manticorearms.com/

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Deconstructing the IndustryCobalt Kinetics

Hackett Equipment – (15mins in) https://hackettequipment.com/

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Went to NM and used it as a regular bag

Matador Arms – http://matadorarms.com/

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Sidewinder – reversible $149.99

Prank call – Balthazar wants a gun that looks like his costume

Polymer80 https://www.polymer80.com/

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Shawn just completed another Standard size Polymer80. It’s the PF940v2

Gear Chat – IV8888 Annual Range Day

Itunes Reviews

Brian N. – Recommended – Awesome show to start the morning with. Great information, like the prank calls brings back when I got paid to do prank people, awesome guests..never dull moment! Very AK happy..all good if your into that..I am not there as of yet, I’m new to the gun world. Just a big guy with a Ruger LC9s. One day I’ll get there. But thanks for the great show, keep the pranks coming..last one Me, Myself, and Irene was F’in hilarious!

Drew C. – Recommended –

Tried to leave a review on iTunes, but iTunes sucks.

I stumbled across this podcast a few months and was not disappointed. I get great information about the firearms world without all the chest beating and sales pitches. It’s funny and light hearted which keeps me from falling asleep at work. I recently attended the 2018 NRAAM in Dallas where I met this pair at the Manticore arms booth. They were the same in person as they are in the show which says a lot to me. They made me feel welcome, and part of the group which was nice because if left to my own devices I can become a wall flower. They asked me what my favorite part of the podcast was, and at the time I said the prank calls, but having more time to think about it I would change my answer to that they make you feel like part of the conversation and not just being talked at. If I had to find a negative it would be that they turned me into a dirty dirty patch whore. I now have to sell myself on the streets to finance my patch of the month habit from the Patriot Patch Co. After following them on Instagram, it seems that I need to shadow them at the next NRAAM, because it looks like they got all the dank patches.

Mooersand – 5 Stars – Great podcast if you like firearms – This podcast keeps getting better and better. Some solid information from different parts of the gun industry. Malcolm and Gertrude need their own prank call hour.

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