Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 67. Today we’re going to chat with Tatiana Whitlock, make a prank call about Regina’s gun modeling, and ask the question, are 1911’s great for beginners?

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry – Tatiana Whitlock

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Prank call – Regina wants to take pictures with firearms for her dating profile

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Tacti-Talk – 1911’s for beginners

Itunes Reviews –

IamN00bz – 5 Stars – For Shane Heroin eyes only – Great show. The format is good with 3-4 people on at a single time, that makes it easy to hear and there’s not a huge jumble of people talking. Lots of great topics, guests and reviews. I’ve made several purchases already based off of positive reviews. Ava and Shawn are great hosts and the show deserves more than five stars, even though I physically cringe on some of the prank calls.

John in HD – 5 Stars – Love the show – Always a good day when a new episode shows up. Enjoy the guests and the hosts interaction with each other. The prank calls are a highlight. You should do more product spotlights and reviews. Keep up the great work.

James Cleever – 5 Stars – Brilliant Performance Art – [NOTE this review may contain spoilers] Gun Funny is part of a brilliant performance art project spanning multiple podcasts. It starts with Ava, a strong, confident woman, joining the We Like Shooting cast. There, she has to put up with boyish immaturity unlike she’s ever seen. Although Ava is not a woman to need a White Knight, Shawn Herrin is the only one to stand up for Ava. He goes so far as to buy the entire Firearms Radio Network to launch a new show for Ava, where he is co-host. The characters are incredibly believable and the backstory is peppered in slowly with hints that Shawn is patiently waiting for fresh start in life while Ava is fiercely independent and reluctant to fall for someone like Shawn. The chemistry is palpable and I eagerly await every episode to see how the drama unfolds.

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