Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 69. Today we’re going to chat with John Porter from 2A Jewels, make a prank call about a Christmas gift, and talk about holiday gift ideas.

I’m Ava Flanell and I guess Shawn Herrin is here too.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry2A Jewels

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Prank call – Malcolm and Gertrude want to buy a firearm for their son.

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Tacti-Talk – gifts for the holidays

Itunes Reviews

GunMetalGuyUSA – 5 Stars – Bugs Have Lots Of Flava – Gotta new source of protein. BUGS. Note to self, listen to Gun Funny when not riding a bike. One second, story of a rude vendor. Next second, a sad hurricane disaster story of said vendor. Mouth open in shock. Mystery bug digested. Thanks Ava.Thanks Shawn. Keep It Up Guys. GunMetalGuyUSA

john the tech – 5 Stars – Loved the show – Prank calls are my favorite .it just shows how nice most gun people are but why do you hate on Hi Point Firearms ? They work, are made in USA , and are affordable gun for people Just wondering John

Andyandluke – 5 Stars – Great content – The hosts regularly bring in interesting and insightful guests, only to embarrass themselves with questionable Chewbacca impressions and prank calls. Great show and always worth a listen. Mash that subscribe button.

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