Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 74. Today we’re going to chat with Michael Sodini, make a prank call about pink guns, and talk about EDC flashlights.

Today’s panel is Tate Mesman and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the IndustryMichael Sodini

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Prank call – Brittney needs a flashy gun

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Tacti-Talk – EDC Flashlights


olight s2r ii

Olight m2r  

Fenix pd35

Itunes Reviews

Zone_for_105_points – 5 Stars – ‘ppreciate ya (from: Nick B) – Great podcast with hilarious hosts and awesome guests! Ava and Shawn go together like Betty Crocker and the word “moist”. I enjoy listening every time (except for when Shawn says “dang!”). Oh, and the prank calls are cringe-worthy.

Sfarrisjr – 5 Stars – Awesome podcast! – Great podcast to listen to while at work or just driving around town. Good information and good guests on the show as well.

Now I Have A Machine Gun – 5 Stars – My Review – Been listening to the podcast since you had Adam on with Charger Arms a few months ago. Started going back and listening to your earlier shows and I was hooked. I enjoy the chemistry Ava and Shawn have together and love the prank phone calls.

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