Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 80. Today we’re going to chat with Alana Barricks, Gertrude needs to take a class if she wants to inherit her dad’s guns, and we’re going to talk about universal background checks.


Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.


Welcome to the show everyone.


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Deconstructing the Industry – Alana Barricks


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Q, LLC – http://liveqordie.com


Knowledge Bomb –

  • An artist named Marina Abramović (abra – ma – vich) allowed the audience do whatever they wished to her, using one of 72 objects placed on a table (which included a loaded gun and a scalpel). link


  • A passenger at Heathrow was forced to change out of his Transformers Tshirt to board a flight because it depicted a gun. link


Matador Arms – http://matadorarms.com/

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Prank call – Gertrude needs to take a gun safety class


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Tacti-Talk – Universal Background checks


Facebook Reviews

Elvin D. – Recommended – Great podcast. I look forward to what each week has to offer and am never disappointed. The Ava and Shawn duo complement each other perfectly. Shawn tries to be the serious one and Ava is the laid back, WTF-ever one, you never know what you’re going to get with these two. The interviews with various industry business owners are very informative and bridges a bond with their brand. They always find down to earth business owners with great products. The prank calls are an added bonus, the way they stay in character to keep the call going is hilarious. I highly advise those that love the show to become a Patreon, the Patreon group page is on another level where no holds are barred. Ava, Shawn, keep up the good work.


Rod L. – Recommended – This is a great pod cast informative! Loved the pod cast with @chargerarms. I’m from ks and just bought a suppressor from them went extremely easy. Shawn purdy much runs this show. And Ava wears the pants in the fam. Well atleast Shawn’s pants with a blue Alfa gear belt. Keep it up Ava you will become the leader sooner or later.


Nicholas B. – Recommended –

Great podcast with hilarious hosts and awesome guests! Ava and Shawn go together like Betty Crocker and the word “moist”. I enjoy listening every time (except for when Shawn says “dang!”). Oh, and the prank calls are cringe-worthy.


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