Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 84. Today we’re going to chat with Dave from Silencer Shop, make a prank call about an unorthodox weapon for self defense, and talk about the Barrett 50 cal.


Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.


Welcome to the show everyone.


Manticore Armshttps://manticorearms.com/

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Bren 805 M-LOK Forend – $79.95


Deconstructing the IndustrySilencer Shop


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Q, LLC – https://liveqordie.com

The Mini Fix


Knowledge Bomb –

In 1954, famous rhythm-and-blues singer Johnny Ace died after jokingly pointing a gun toward himself and accidentally shooting himself with it. His last words were “It’s okay! Gun’s not loaded… see?” Source


John Moses Browning not only designed the M1911 handgun, but also the M2 50 caliber machine gun, the BAR automatic rifle, the 1887 lever action shotgun, the Auto 5 semi-auto shotgun, the Winchester 1894 lever action rifle, and many other designs and calibers. Source


Matador Arms – http://matadorarms.com/

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Anecdote about 10/22 mag release


Prank call – Unorthodox weapon for self defense


Polymer80 https://www.polymer80.com/

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Tacti-Talk – Barrett 50 cal


Itunes Reviews

Stone rm57 – 5 Stars – I thought I would hate it – I can across this podcast by accident and thought I would hate it. I thought “gun funny what the hell could this be?” But I gave it a listen anyway and I must say I am glad I did. I know of Shawn from other podcasts and typically don’t find him funny but with Ava on the show it is actually funny and entertaining. They have great interviews and play well off each other. It also nice to hear the New York accent from Ava. It’s always nice to hear a fellow New Yorker. Love the show.


Ohflier – 5 Stars – Gun Funny 074 – Ava, Your Gunny Funny Podcasts just keep getting better. In GF 74 your personal discussion with Michael Sodini of Eagle Imports, about his motivation and support for his WTTA foundation was a striking insight into his commitment to making a difference in the issues surrounding mental health. With your calm and personable interview style, you put people at ease and brings about a deeper more impactful dialogue. I learned a great deal from this episode, thank you. Additionally, clever idea bringing on your Patreon Tate in Shawn’s absence. He is well spoken and did a great job supporting the show, especially when taking one for the team on the prank call. All the best in 2019 Friends in Ohio


Hair skin – 5 Stars – Binge listening – I found gun funny on a road trip. I listened to the first 20 episodes while driving. The prank calls are awesome, great guest keep up the great work


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