Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 87. Today we’re going to chat with Douglas Yearout, I’m introducing a new segment, and we’ll talk about the Leupold Mark 5HD.


I’m your host Ava Flanell.


Welcome to the show everyone.


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Deconstructing the Industry – Douglas Yearout


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Q, LLC – http://liveqordie.com


Knowledge Bomb – Tate Mesman did our knowledge Bomb segment this week


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AF Segment – PayPal closed my Elite Firearms Training account


Polymer80 https://www.polymer80.com/

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Tacti-TalkLeupold Mark 5HD 5-25


Itunes Reviews

@_b_mc_g – 5 Stars – Heyyyy you guyysss – If you didn’t read that in a sloth voice then I’m disappointed. There’s no way for me to keep this super short or sweet, love this podcast. I work from home and started listening two weeks ago on a binge and just finished yesterday. Which made me sad because Ava calling Shawn fat and their general banter is so entertaining. The interviews are all great, love the prank calls and more importantly I appreciate that they are in the 2A world more on my side of things. I’m a young female with no prior military or law enforcement experience other than being a meal team six member. I recently obtained my cwp from Palmetto State Armory (fun fact I’m ten minutes from the flagship Summerville store so Ava should visit and give me pointers, Shawn can stay where he is). Even though I try to go often there is that feeling of being eye rolled when I walk up by myself. Maybe I should get some khakis so I can fit in. Or put the boring black grip module back on the p320 (don’t worry won’t drop it LOL) Thanks for a great show can’t wait to keep up with it every week, I’m learning a lot and interested in training to be certified. I technically found you guys because I read that terrible article in the post (team Alexo member in the house) and was disappointed by how terrible it was at portraying members of the community, but I’m glad I found this podcast. Thanks guys- #mealteamsix


*Wins a Lone Wolf Ultimate Connector Kit w/ 3 connectors and spring


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