Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 91. Today I’m going to chat with John Sharps from Sharps Bros, talk about an awkward moment for a train employee, and discuss Howa 1500 bolt actions.


Today’s panel is Chris Deeb and I’m your host, Ava Flanell


Welcome to the show everyone.


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Deconstructing the IndustrySharps Bros


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AF Segment Porn plays over the speaker on a train


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Tacti-TalkHowa 1500 Bolt Actions


Itunes Reviews

Js338 – 5 Stars – The funnest gun podcast out there – The funniest firearms podcast around just keeps getting better. Too many other firearms shows devolve to annoying complaint sessions about every little thing the hosts don’t like and don’t keep the audience entertained. In contrast, Ava does an awesome job keeping the show on important topics in the industry while making sure we get some great laughs in every week. Always number 1 in my podcast queue.


Texas Pistolero – 5 Stars – And yet another Great show – Good show again except for Tate, just kidding – Phil Derringer


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