Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 103. Today I’m going to chat with Baret Fawbush from TRUEXODUS, talk about Texas lessening their gun laws, and discuss the unlikelihood of AR pistol braces being banned.  


I’m your host, Ava Flanell.


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Deconstructing the IndustryTRUEXODUS


Sportsman’s Guide – https://snp.link/855b1e91 (15 mins)


AF Segment – media is saying, ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Can Rarely Stop Mass Shootings, and Texas and Ohio Show Why. Article


Sharps Bros http://sharpsbros.com/


Q&A with Ava – Aside from guns, what are your hobbies?


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Tacti-Talk – AR Pistol Braces – Are they going to be banned?


Itunes Reviews

Ohflier – 5 Stars – Gun Funny 99 – Ava, One away from your first 100 podcasts and you continue to get better and better. Great interview with Josiah McCallum of Palmetto State Armory. While I’ve spent a small fortune their I did not know the history of the company. You are continuing to set yourself apart with great interview guest that other podcasters can’t seem to find. P.S. Like you, that 6.5 Fix has been beating the hell out of my shoulder as well. Stay strong in 2019 Ohio Flier 357


Poetry_on_a_Cracker – 5 Stars – Another great show – Another great guest – When Krebs speaks, people listen 


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