Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 114. Today I’m going to chat with Jonathan Gibbon from Armslist, talk about how a hug can mean all the difference, and discuss the comeback of shoulder holsters. 


I’m your host, Ava Flanell.


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Deconstructing the Industry – Armslist 


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New video shows the moment Oregon school coach disarmed and hugged gun-wielding student link 


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Q&A with Ava – Does candy corn have addictive properties?


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Tacti-Talk – shoulder holsters 


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Poetry_on_a_Cracker – 5 Stars – Big Time Podcaster – I think you’ve got the podcast/interview thing down. Always interesting and good guest questions. PS- I’ve already won stuff, give it to some new listeners. 


Amberly765 – 5 Stars – Love It!! – As a female, I really look up to you and appreciate what you’re doing.


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