Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 136. Today I’m going to chat with Hana Bilodeau from Sig Sauer, talk about political and personal reactions to the fugaloo, and discuss ways women can conceal carry. 


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Deconstructing the Industry – Hana Bilodeau


-What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

-what do you carry?

-How do you prefer to carry?

-future plans?


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AF Segment – Flugaloo Spurs Gun Sales and Anti 2A Reactions 

  • CA and several other states are letting people out of jail because of the virus 
  • Multiple police agencies not sending officers to calls if the crime is non-violent 
  • Jurisdictions in NY, CA, WA and many other states are closing gun stores not allowing exemptions. LA county ordered gun stores closed and added 1300 deputies to patrol.
  • LA county revoked the order to close gun shops after outcry 
  • Surprisingly, IL granted gun stores an exemption to remain open as essential 
  • PA just revoked order to close gun stores after legal action from FPC
  • Multiple states including FL, CO, and WA have suspended processing of concealed carry permits 
  • Multiple cities including New Orleans passed emergency measures that would allow them to seize personal assets including firearms
  • Gun sales are up 200-300% – NICS is severely delayed 
  • Ammo sales sky rocketed last week leading to very little supply 


  • House and Senate have both introduced extremely wide sweeping anti gun bills HR5717 & S3254 including every anti gun push seen in recent years including:
    • Ban gun ownership without a government license
    • Ban your rifles
    • Ban your magazines
    • Ban suppressors
    • Ban home builds
    • Create a national gun registry
    • Set up a nationwide gun confiscation scheme
    • Tax guns at 30% and ammo at 50%
    • And many more far reaching provisions 
  • One silver lining is a large amount of first time gun buyers who previously were against guns continue to be purchasing. 
  • “People who were anti-gun their whole lives are now making purchases.”
  • Some are even seaking training. It’s an opportunity for us to help these people get educated and grow the 2A community. Even if only a small percentage of them become pro 2A it’s a win


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Q&A with Ava would you prefer to date a guy who was in the same industry and was really into guns or someone who isn’t anti-gun, but doesn’t know much about them?


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Itunes Reviews

Bluehunnyr – Shotshow 2020 – 5 Stars – I was so happy to get to spend some time with Ava and some of her besties during Shotshow. OMG!! I have never laughed so hard and so much. They were all so accommodating and made me feel like part of the clan. I cannot wait to run into the Gun Funny crew again at NRAAM in Tennessee this year. Thank you all for being so down to earth. Love your show too!! Keep up the great work.


John48 – Noir podcasting – 5 Stars – Great episode with Colion he always brings a great perspective on how to get new people involved in the 2A community. The only question is, who will step up to the challenge of having the new longest episode?


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