Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 138. Today I’m going to chat with Jeremy Gresham from IWI, talk about what some people are doing with toilet paper, and discuss JK Armament Solvent Trap. 


I’m your host, Ava Flanell.


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AF SegmentToilet Paper Craze Continues 



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Q&A with Ava – What are you doing to keep yourself from going insane during the stay-at-home order?


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Justin Paulson – 5 Stars – Very personable – Ava is one of the most personable and down to earth podcasters, on her show and in her Patreon group. She is a very active and caring individual and very knowledgeable in her industry.


Hillaryisaman – 1 star – Brutal – If you want to listen to a host tell you they’re not a gun bunny, but totally could be, while fishing for compliments on her looks from her guests, all while preaching about how she wants to be taken seriously, this podcast is for you


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