Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 139. Today I’m going to chat with Matt Spafford from Smith & Wesson, talk about five new anti-gun bills signed by the Governor of Virginia, and discuss the Ruger PC9 Charger. 


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AF Segment – Flugaloo continues to produce anti-gun reactions 

  • Virginia Governor signed 5 anti gun bills into law
      • Requires background checks on all purchases 
      • Red Flags
      • Limits one handgun purchase per month 
      • Requires reporting lost/stolen guns within 24 hours 
      • Increased fines for not properly securing guns around children 


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Q&A with Ava – 

First I’d like to say I love your channel and really love the podcast. I listen to every episode when it drops. I find it very informative and very funny and entertaining. My question…I have smaller hands for a guy. Over all 6” from  palm to end of middle finger and 4” from web to end of trigger finger. I’m trying to find the proper placement of the gun in reference to where it sits in the web of your hand. My Sig P365 feels great and sits more distal to my wrist. My CZ P10C sits more proximal and is at the limits of the width of a firearm that feels comfortable. My question to you is where should your firearm be in reference to your wrist? Is it still acceptable for the gun to sit out of line with the wrist or is it better to have the gun to be more in line with your wrist? Is it acceptable for a Glock 19 style frame to sit more to the outside or do I need to opt for a smaller frame to sit more in line with my wrist? Thank you for taking the time to help.


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Itunes Reviews

Amanda45  – 5 stars – AKs for days – Ava’s right custom AKs are the next big trend. They were always cool, but plain and boring before. There’s so many cool things being done with them now I’ll definitely have to do a new wild build. Always get great new ideas from the show plus entertainment.


Mrcupcake57 – 5 Stars – No bull just facts! – I am new to gun ownership! I like how Ava breaks things down. Carrying a firearm is not a natural thing. It is quite scary knowing you have at a moment’s notice a life can end. Listening to Ava has helped with this anxiety to a point I no longer dwell on what the gun can do but more about how to. She is like the girl next door that you can talk to across the fence. I wish I lived closer so I could take her shooting classes.


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