Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 141. Today I’m going to chat with Kevin Dixie from No Other Choice Firearms Training, talk about a Mayor who thinks he can strip citizens of their right to open carry, and discuss a few new products from Tactical Development. 


I’m your host, Ava Flanell.


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Deconstructing the Industry – Kevin Dixie – The Real NOC


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IWI – https:/iwi.us 


AF SegmentJackson Mayor Suspends Open Carry Citing Covoid 19


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Q&A with Ava – If travel restrictions were gone tomorrow and you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you most want to visit? 


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Itunes Reviews

Poetry_on_a_Cracker – 5 Stars – Great All Around Show – After Gun Talk With Tom Gresham- you are tied for second place with Michael Bane’s podcast and Handgun Radio podcast – a lot of relevant and timeless information.


SquattyBob – 5 Stars – Helping me survive the COVID-19 – I’ve been listening to the show to take my mind off the pains of this pandemic. Listening to the host talk made me totally forget I ran out of toilet paper 2 days ago and my hiney hole is all chafed and crusty. Oh, and if my neighbors ask, I didn’t eat their cat.


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