Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 142. Today I’m going to chat with Sven from Manticore Arms, talk about robots enforcing social distancing, the political craze in Canada and discuss the Grand Power Stribog. 


I’m your host, Ava Flanell.


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Deconstructing the Industry – Sven from Manticore Arms


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Political AFCanadian Gun Ban 

  • Last week the Prime Minister of Canada announced the ban of over 1,500 models and variants” of so-called “assault-style” firearms. 


Sharps Bros http://sharpsbros.com/


Q&A with Ava – In your opinion, what are some of the worst gun manufacturers?

  • Raven Arms manufacturing relied heavily on injection-molded zamak (a zinc alloy). Defunct as of 1991.
  • Jennings Firearms was started by the son of the founder of Raven Arms. It became Bryco Arms which then became Jimenez Arms. Jimenez filed for bankruptcy in February this year. 
  • Davis Industries is another of the “Ring of Fire” low end gun companies producing cheap zamak guns and whose origins are connected to Raven Arms in the LA area. Defunct 1999.
  • Cobra Firearms in Utah is related to and considered a reincarnation of Raven Arms. Again uses injection-molded zamak heavily as well as polymers on some guns now. 
  • Llama Firearms is a Spanish company a step above Jennings/Raven/Cobra, but widely known for having feed issues, especially with their 1911s.
  • ZipFactory – USFA – Zip 22 


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Tacti-TalkGrand power Stribog 


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AF Segment – 

Singapore Officials Using ‘Robodogs’ To Enforce Social Distancing In Parks


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Itunes Reviews – (Only 3 reviews left in the queue. Entertain me and write a review) 

SBguy – 5 Stars – Do these yoga pants make my butt look big? – I’m a dude, and I do lots of squats so I can have a rocking booty by summer. I listen to this podcast while squatting and it will help me get that perfect Brazilian booty.


Joker89 – 5 Stars – Masada Mania – Great episode with IWI. I’ve got a number of their guns and have been very pleased with the Masada, with the small exception of the combat sight picture on the factory sights. Planning on getting a customized Masada this month. As always an entertaining episode with great discussions and an awesome guest.


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