Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 147. Today I’m going to chat with Duane Liptak from Magpul, talk about the Supreme Court refusing to hear 2A cases, discuss the DryFireMag, and outline how Freedom Week is being used as a legal defense.

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the IndustryMagpul

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Political AFSupreme Court decides not to hear big gun-rights case

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Q&A with Ava – I was wondering what you do to help people who are cross eye dominant. I have been trying all kinds of things to not shoot with my weak eye. Any advice? I’m right handed, I want to look with my left and I can not close my right eye to shoot, I can only close my left. When I shoot with both eyes open I see triple. When I use a red dot I can actually see through the window clearly with eyes open.

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AF Segment Freedom Week used as defense for California man facing gun magazine charges

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Elvin.Dumas – 5 Stars – Awesome AF – Ava has dropped some cargo since my last review, so I felt an updated review is justified. This is by far my favorite podcast. I look forward to listening every week. The content stays relevant throughout the entire podcast and doesn’t become random conversations or background noise. The guests are always awesome and give great insight to their product and company, just like the guest on the episode this review is being read, you are also awesome. I highly recommend becoming a patreon , it not only supports the podcast but it’s also a great group of people. Keep up the great work Ava.

Philosopher2003 – 5 Stars – Best Podcast – It is great to see you being such a great role model for young women. My little girl thinks you’re amazing.

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