Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 148. Today I’m going to chat with Damon Young from SSVI, talk about reports of the ATF planning to reclassify pistol braces, discuss the S&W Shield 9mm EZ Performance Center, and consider why you shouldn’t attempt to recycle cannonballs.

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

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Political AFATF Reportedly Trying To Ban Pistol Braces In Secret 

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Q&A with Ava –  

Hello Ava,

  • I was hoping you could give me some advice actually for my wife. She runs the firearms counter at one of our local sporting goods stores and has recently had a dilemma with her boss. They hand out cards for a local instructor because he spends a substantial amount of $ with the store. We are members of the same shooting club and have seen first hand how sexist he is and the awful way he talks about female shooters. So long story short my wife says she won’t hand out the cards to females and doesn’t want to hand them out period her boss says she needs to because of the amount of $ he spends.
  • I was hoping that you being a woman in the industry you might have some words of wisdom. She has tried to explain her reasons, but her boss (a woman) says she doesn’t believe it because he has 2 daughters. My wife enjoys her job and especially helping other women with their 1st gun purchases but I’m afraid she is getting frustrated she is very bull headed, 1 of the many things I love about her. I hope something coming from someone like you will help her feel better.

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AF Segment Cannonballs Are Not Recyclable 

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Itunes Reviews – (We got a couple more in, but we’re all out again) 

  • Gunman500 – 5 stars – Weapon Snatcher was amazing AF – Outstanding interview with the Seattle Weapon Snatcher. It was an amazing interview from someone who’s quick thinking undoubtedly saved lives. His true humility and selfishness are inspiring. Great work having him on so soon afterward!
  • tyamerica – 5 stars – This is my favorite podcast. It’s entertaining af. This is still my favorite podcast even though you didn’t say my name properly the last time you read this. I like the political af segment a lot too.

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