Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 151. Today I’m going to chat with Mark Redetzke from Sportsman’s Guide, discuss a new study blaming increased violence on coronavirus gun sales, highlight a new M4 barrel designed by the US Army, and talk about a deceased Cat who received a voter registration application. 

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

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Political AFUC Davis Researchers Blame Coronavirus Gun Purchases For Excessive Violence

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Q&A with Ava –  

  • Ava, my parents are both getting up in years and my mom especially has problems with Glocks because her grip strength is not what it used to be so she often has feed issues from limp wristing. I don’t want to get her a revolver because they are either very heavy or very light and snappy as well as limited capacity and slow to reload. Any recommendations for something better than a revolver that she could shoot reliably? 

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Tacti-TalkUS Army Develops New Fluted Barrel for M4 Carbine

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AF Segment –  Deceased Cat Received Voter Registration Application 

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Itunes Reviews – (Got several, but keep em coming everyone)

  • Poetry_on_a_Cracker – 5 stars – Don’t Worry – It’s a Podcast – The host always has great questions to ask, relevant and entertaining. Always interviewing an interesting guest or guests.
  • 22hipster – 5 stars – VP Garbage Man – Duane Liptak is truly inspiring with everything he has accomplished. Excellent interview of a humble and highly successful person who does so much to support the 2nd Amendment. Oh and Tickles barking at the stars sounds hilarious AF! 

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