Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 153. Today I’m going to chat with Austin Tong who’s a senior at Fordham University, discuss fraud concerns with mail-in-voting, highlight the upcoming Holosun 508T, and talk about mystery seeds mailed from China. 

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

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Deconstructing the IndustryAustin Tong 

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Political AFTrump Tweets what if we delay the election 

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Q&A with Ava – Did you dye your hair? 

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Tacti-TalkHolosun 508T V2 shows signs that it will ship soon 

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AF Segment Mystery Seeds From China Sent to Thousands 

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Itunes Reviews – (Got several, but keep em coming everyone)

  • TechEsq – Over it!   – 5 stars –  Ava is so over Jacob Hernan. Couldn’t stop listening as she got snarkier and snarkier. Don’t change!


  • Don700Nitro – The Dreaded L Word – 5 stars – Hilarious episode with Liberty Doll, very interesting story and awesome that she went from the horrid L word to a staunch supporter of liberty. Looking forward to hearing about her first trip to the range when she gets to a free state!

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