Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 156. Today I’m going to chat with Chief Deputy Matt Thomas from Pinal County Arizona, discuss the 9th Circuit Court ruling on California’s magazine ban, highlight the new CMMG Banshee Mk17, and talk about a new study that shows why women are buying guns this year. 

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

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Deconstructing the IndustryChief Deputy Matt Thomas 

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Political AF9th Circuit Court Finds California Mag Ban Unconstitutional 

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Q&A with Ava – What pistol brace is currently your favorite and why? 

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Tacti-TalkCMMG Announces New Banshee 

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AF Segment Why Are Women Buying Guns? 

Itunes Reviews – (All out)

  • Philosopher2003 – Note about Sword fighting! – 5 stars – I was just catching up on podcasts with the liberty doll episode. Thank you for having her she is amazing. As for the Sword issue I have to say I love them as much as as my guns. I do love studying medieval martial arts. Thank you again for all you do. Still loving the show.
  • Johnny357 – Don’t Tread On My Thoughts  – 5 stars – Austin Tong has a tough, but essential road ahead of him The Thought Police have taken over higher education and have to be reigned in. It’s an absolute travesty that schools can get away with punishing students who have done nothing wrong. They have destroyed the idea of rational debate and replaced it with mob bullying of anything they disagree with. Great job having him on! Keep up the amazing work!

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