Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 163. Today I’m going to chat with Gun Funny Patreon Jon Snow about ATF reclassifying a firearm as an SBR, discuss a lawsuit filed against the Trump administration about ghost guns, highlight the new AR-V from Palmetto State Armory, and talk about the outcome of a socially distanced soccer game
I’m your host, Ava Flanell.
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Deconstructing the IndustryATF Issues Cease And Desist Declaring Honey Badger An SBR

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Political AFCalifornia Attorney General Sues Trump Administration To Crack Down On “Ghost Guns”

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Q&A with Ava – What kind of gun safe do you recommend for someone who has a smaller collection?

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AF Segment German Football Team Looses 37-0 Playing While “Social Distancing” 

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  • tymericaMy favorite podcast – 5 stars – Still the best podcast out there. Congratulations on the S&W sponsorship
  • Juck FustinFirearms angel – 5 stars – Awesome show. Ava does a great job keeping fresh guests and products running through the show keep up the great work and keep racking up those awesome sponsor

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