Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 166. Today I’m going to chat with Tyler Patner from Pyramyd Air, discuss new importation regulations being applied in secret by the ATF, highlight new polymer cased ammo from True Velocity, and talk about a Florida man who stole a backhoe and took out Biden signs.
I’m your host, Ava Flanell.
Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the IndustryPyramyd Air

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Political AFATF Interpretation Change On Importation of Pistols Could Make Illegal AOWs

Smith & WessonSmith-Wesson.com 

Q&A with Ava – With this crazy ammo shortage, why aren’t companies stepping up to meet the increased demand? 

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Tacti-Talk –  True Velocity Advances In Australia’s LAND 159 Project

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AF Segment Florida Man Stole Backhoe and Took Out Biden Signs

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Itunes Reviews – (Two left)

  • 22cheapster – Keep Tickles Happy – 5 stars – Ava has on amazing guests and gets to know the gun industry in ways you never knew you needed. Yes, I stole that. Bottom line great show you should already be listening to. Bonus: listening keeps Tickles happy. You don’t want to see Tickles angry.
  • bluehunnyr – Keeping it Teal – 5 stars – With all the negativity towards our men in blue, it was so refreshing to hear from a woman that was a police officer and a women that is married to one too. I so appreciate strong women that are out there fighting the fight, boldly standing up for our 2a rights. Ava as always is right on with her guests and promoting the 2a community. Thank you for keeping me and so many others informed on what’s going on and new ways to get involved!! Loved the show!!

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  • There has never been a hurricane named after Operator Tickles because it would have destroyed everything.