Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 189. Today I’m going to chat with Evan Todd, discuss the executive actions on gun control, highlight the XSC micro-compact weapon light from SureFire, and talk about a Georgia man’s final paycheck.
I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

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Deconstructing the IndustryEvan Todd

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Political AF –  Executive Actions On Gun Control

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Q&A with Ava –  Now that you have shot the P365, Hellcat, and Shield Plus which is your favorite and why?

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AF Segment Georgia Man’s Final Paycheck Delivered In Pennies 

Itunes Reviews

  • Sean C. – Episode 187 – 5 stars – Hi Ava, I’m a Canadian and I listen to your podcast regularly. I would be a 2A advocate if Canada had such a thing, which unfortunately we do not. Similar to Boulder, in April of 2020 there was a mass shooting in Canada. The guy was a known crazy person who had a bone to pick with everyone. In Canada we have federal gun laws (no separate laws for each province) and gun owners require a PAL (purchase and acquisition license) to buy / own shotguns and hunting rifles, or an RPAL (restricted PAL) to buy / own handguns and semi-auto rifles. This guy had no license. He did not pass our national background check – yet he used guns that he bought in the US and smuggled back. This proves your point that background checks can’t prevent a person from committing violence if they so desire. So during the pandemic our former drama teacher prime minister decided, while our parliament was suspended, to ban all AR’s as well and anything remotely resembling an AR – even shotguns and .22’s. In total, 1500 rifles were re-classified as prohibited – meaning they can’t be removed from your house and cannot be used. He is planning a buy back (confiscation) which is expected to cost upwards of $1 Billion. This is a dangerous precedent that is using a tragedy to pass a political agenda without any debate within our government. No democratic due process whatsoever. Now they are tabling a law that will attempt to completely disarm Canadians – sport shooters and hunters will all be caught up in this mass confiscation. Our NRA, the CCFR, is taking the government to court but that will take time. I sympathize with your law abiding American firearm owners. I will stand to lose 2 AR’s (one of which is a .22LR) and potentially 4 handguns. Governments that circumvent democratic due process are dangerous, as history has proven. I could go on for hours about this issue but suffice it to say that there are many Canadian law-abiding gun owners that are having their rights infringed and their property seized. Keep fighting the good fight. Sean C. Ontario, Canada
  • Ben434 – Awesome – 5 stars – Awesome show I stumbled on. Great variety of guests and coverage of important events in the 2A world.   

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