Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 293. Today I’m going to chat with Ryan Armagost, discuss the verdict in the CRS case, highlight a new “smart gun,” and talk about ATF going door to door to confiscate triggers.
I’m your host, Ava Flanell. 

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Deconstructing the IndustryRyan Armagost

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Q&A with Ava – How was NRAAM?

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AFATF Going Door To Door  

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Itunes Reviews

  • Marss1066 – Best gun podcast yet! – 5 stars – Recently discovered your show and have been listening to all past shows. Love the delivery and content, smooth soothing voice and great guests. I also enjoy listening to the gear reviews and industry news. A nice change from the chest thumping tacticool shows out there!
  • DavetheHuntr – Compelling story – 5 stars – Ava interviewed Raoul’s Mendez, survivor and “Good guy with a gun”! I have heard Raoul’s story, it is a compelling story, unfortunately it is compelling for the staunch anti-gunners. The greatest fear is for any emotion based decision. The discussion does not currently exist as it descends to screaming irrationally by the anti2a. I really want to see Raoul’s story come to mainstream national media. I share it where I can, thanks Ava for doing his story Justice!

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