Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 313. Today I’m going to chat with Travis Haglin from Beretta, discuss recent developments in the Rare Breed case, highlight Liberty Safes’ big blunder, and talk about a man arrested for running to London.
I’m your host, Ava Flanell. 

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Deconstructing the IndustryBeretta

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Political AFDOJ Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Rare Breed

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Tacti-TalkLiberty Safes: The Next Dicks Sporting Goods?

Q&A with Ava – Is it true the Sig P320 M18 is California legal now?

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AFFlorida Man Arrested Running To London   

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Itunes Reviews

  • Devin Who Doesn’t Like Apple – Love Gun Funny – 5 stars – I discovered Ava and Gun Funny in 2020 cutting the grass on the side while laid off for COVID. Ava is fantastic. She knows when to be funny in her podcasts but she also knows when to be serious. Unfortunately when it comes to politics in this day and age there is only room for seriousness. But she always finds a way to be funny. I have been a $5 patreon for a while now. Ava and the group on Facebook have become friends to me in a weird online kind of way. Pretty great I gotta pay $5/mo to get friends (sarcasm). I just want to note, I literally reactivated a 15ish year old iTunes account for this. I highly recommend the PodCast and also becoming a GF patreon!
  • Love and frustration – Leaving a review as requested – 5 stars – Enjoyed your birthday podcast. I usually watch on youtube, but glad to give some support here. Also, don’t be in such a rush to grow up, try to just enjoy yourself and keep smiling. AJ

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