Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 316. Today I’m going to chat with Joe Doll from Desk Pop, discuss California’s mag ban being ruled unconstitutional again, highlight the TEC47 from 21st Tec, and discuss our trip to Triggrcon.
I’m your host, Ava Flanell. 

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Q&A with AvaDid you hear about Trump’s visit to PSA?

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Itunes Reviews

  • Love and frustration – Peaches has the right to bear arms – 4 stars – Public reminder: no state requires a dog to have a carry permit. Keep up the awesome work teaching and fighting for our rights Akallday 🙏
  • Evermore707 – Always a interesting show every week – 5 stars – Ava has a way to not only have really interesting guests but to get them to open up. It’s the one on one and personal anecdotes from the guests you don’t get anywhere else. Recently , you tuber war machine was a guest, and I had never heard of. Not only did I find a new channel to watch but learned he is located not far from where I live. Ava’s other show has a way to go and seems more geared toward modern trends and audiences- which is fine but is harder to stand out with all the other shows with the formats like best ar parts or top five gun states. Gun funny is unique in the way it comes across from you tube celebs to industry business insiders and just general firearms people. Especially since it avoids the more common format of toilet humor or alpha male nonsense. I hope gun funny continues on as it is one of the few podcasts I really look forward to each week.

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