Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 101. Today I’m going to chat with Marc Krebs from Krebs Custom, talk about the mental health problem we have in society, and discuss my most useless talent. 


I’m your host, Ava Flanell.


Welcome to the show everyone.


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Deconstructing the IndustryKrebs Custom


Sportsman’s Guide – https://snp.link/855b1e91 (15 mins)


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Knowledge Bomb – Dog Saves French Woman from Suicide Attempt


AF Segment – Mental health issues in society


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Q&A with Ava – what is your most useless talent? 


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Itunes Reviews

22cheapster – 5 Stars – Keeping it real – I look forward to Monday mornings and enjoy each and every show each week. I enjoy Ava’s point of view on the gun industry, as a whole. Each guest is a whole new box of fun and they feel relaxed enough to just be themselves, on all but NDA hush hush stuff. While I personally miss Sean, the comedic relief, that is a personal preference and the show has only flourished with Ava leading way. We do need Gertrude on the show again. Prank call or not. (Btw, Brittney wouldn’t hurt either) Tactickles is the most dangerous and cutest little operator in the business


Agent J-88 – 5 Stars – On Point! – If you are in the industry this is a must listen to Podcast, I spend hours on the road and listen to new and old podcasts. Ava stays on top of current events in the Industry, I was excited to hear the story on the “Yeet Cannon!” I would recommended this podcast to others as it was recommended to me! Keep up the awesome work!!


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