Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 95. Today I’m going to chat with Paul Glasco from Legally Armed America, talk about a raid gone wrong, discuss Trump’s stance on silencers, and review the Mossberg MC1sc.


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In 2009, a man named Tracy Ingle was sentenced to 18 years in prison for felony assault after pointing his gun at officers raiding his home in a no-knock raid. He was shot five times and police didn’t find the drugs they were looking for.


-Police broke a window and used a ram to the door. gun that Tracy used was broken, but when police saw he had a gun, they opened fire. He spent about a week in the hospital and then was transferred to jail. He was given no antibiotics and his wounds go infected. Police didn’t find drugs, but found a scale and small baggies, which his sister said belonged to her for her jewelry business.


in March 2009, a jury found Tracy Ingle guilty of maintaining a drug house, and of felony assault. The judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison, and fined him $18,000. Tracy Ingle took his case to the Arkansas Court of Appeals, which, on May 12, 2010, affirmed his conviction.


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Trump considers banning Silencers after The Virginia Beach shooting


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Q&A with AvaTrev What can I, as a husband, do to encourage my wife to carry concealed? Or what should I not say or do so she feels comfortable carrying?


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Aidyl joy – 5 Stars – Great Show – One of the few gun related shows I listen to. Ava’s “mean girl” sense of humor cracks me up, but the content is always spot on. Great guests, great content, keep on crushing. PS: I already have a patch so if it comes down to me and someone else let the other guy win.


Iowa shop teacher – 5 Stars – Amazing podcast – Gun funny is not only an amazing podcast, it also keeps me literally laughing out loud. Checking the Facebook Pateron page on my lunch break is like a comedic oasis from the daily grind. I also enjoy how the humor is like my coffee, dark and plentiful. Thanks for the great show Ava! – Trev ShopTeacher


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